Drug Messiahs

The hippy movement was noted for its music renaisance.Such as Bob Dylan,Rolling Stones,Genesis,Doors and the many others.They were known as Machine Messiahs with a huge following in their generation of drug Machine Messiahs(hippies).
The phrase first amongs equals is the way to see it,as they did.There were no leaders or NO.1 musicians etc,they were all sighted equally by their drug habits and lifestyles.They were smoking the same cannabis/LSD and listenning to the same music.
They did attain Chrishood and heavenly,utopian existance for a short while and some of their music is left as a legacy to this.But mostly their are no survivors to tell the tale and most of this period will disappear without a trace.This happens in past generations all the time,it is nothing new.But they would think so, as something very special.
This renaisance by the hippies was short lived and fizzled out by the 1980,s although the look-a-like drug generations continued, as the proceeds of this so called "Crime of The Century" filled then pockets of the greedy until this day.Only the music lives on.

It must be said that this renaisance crime of the century hit the whole western world,if not more,from Elvis onwards.It coincided with new technolgy for mass communication.The radio and TV and music systems.Although not admitted it knocked out the staus quo,the governments and is responsible for the demise of the old age.It doesnt really signify a new age as has been put forqward by the floundering,antichrist,world governments.But it does signify the end of the old.Chaos is its legacy.Old age,desease,death and sufferring,The armageddon and the end.
It signifies the movement into the next world,not the new world or new age.
Mortality cannot be outwitted.This is our fate.It is the end.These rock stars were not immortal,they were a cult religion,as is the government.
The devil incarnate can only bring death.

This Crime Of The Century happenning did win the Power,which is now irrecoverable.You may have witnessed the insane power struggles that governments and others have been waging since the sixties.
No one in authority wishes to loose the proceeds of this "Crime" either.
This war has been raging for the last 50 years.Civilization is hanging on to its digital identity now.
Could it be Sony recording company having the last laugh in remberance of Hiroshima?/

Inteligence Government and Machine

The western civilizations is run by a system.Law and finance.Military defence as well.The system would fall if it were not maintained.This has previously been by human hand.But now mostly by machine and artificial inteligence.The law always has been an ass and the mechanics of running our government system have always been fataly floored.But if it is seen to be in place,society manages to survive.This is due to inteligence at thyenb steering wheel.As said,presumed to be of human kind.But now information sugests that it has been steered by illuminati and ET inteligence.The bottom line of this system that has always been a failure has been pilage rape and murder,cleverly disguised to appear as a an exercise in law and defence.
The extent of the human disaster is surfacing.It has no chance anylonger of pretending to be able to survive into the future by human hand, and therefore the only posiible alternbative the survival of a system is an Artificial Machine Inteligence.

JFK Assination Study Conclusion

This study is a textbook eye openner of deception,coverups and CIA intrigue and modus operanda.It takes inteligence work to another level, so complex is the coverup.It is a work of genius that is not often put into the public arena for scrutiization.It is an example of secret government work.Once you know the standard proceedures it is easy to guess how governments use these text book exercises as routine.
The visable sciences of this crime give no conclusive result and the whole collection of misplaced information and misinformation placements are contructed to prove almost definately several results.Although 90% certain of some of them, none,deliver 100% certainty under the microscope.This case is definately under the microscope.
So the visable sciences are not able to deliver.What about the invisible sciences?.The occult sciences?.The Forensic sciences?These both indicate that Jackeline Kennedy shot JFK.
So independantly of the occult practices and background of these people in power that we now know about from disclosures,there is independant verifications from the case of an occult ritual.Occult sciences may not be acceptable to a secular court room, yet occult sciences have been used by governments since time imemorial and still are today.their are some that know that occult scinces can be exact sciences,but not many.They are outlawed by most due to the fact that know one has the expertise to handle them.
However if what cannot be seen is established to be true, then if back-engineered to the crime scene, you would have aphotographic evidence.
So giving this thought exercise a go, look at the Zepruder film at the moment of JFK,s fatal head wound.
It clearly shows jackie putting a bullet though the left side of his head, beneath his ear and blowing the otherside of his head off.
Yes, we know this is not reliable footage.We know the film has been tamperred with and that information is placed all over to draw attention away from other possibillities.The frames have been doctored at this point of the film, if not all of it and there is more trhan one version of this film footage.But it is every bit as good as all the other theories in its abillity to be 90% convincing.Also it is the only remaining hypothesis after microscopic scrutiny that still stands out as a good theory.
Futhermore it agrees exacly with forensic psychology results and determinations from the occult sciences.

The intereting point in this case is that if this is verified,it has incredibly interesting and far reaching implications.
The whole pantomine when re-analysed in the light of this,puts on the table a story that touches the sky and beyond.It would activate access to a secret web of knowledge and information behind world politics,cults and religions.

My own personal conclusion,(from experience),is that this was a UFO shooting(Jackie fired the shot) of the The United States of America.Albeit contraversial and contentious.This is why there will never be any evidence.They are the only ones who can orchestrate a coverup of this immensity.They would otherwise loose the proceeds from the crime.(USA).

If in the light of this you put back the pieces and rightly assume that at this high level of power security would be as near as damn it watertight,then it would make perfect sense to get through security and his defenses in this way.It is copybook UFO killing,using the only possibly avenue to the target,an occult avenue.The USA inteligences would have been able to work this out as well.

There is a further nail in the coffin if you look at the huge wealth delivered to Jackie after the killing, by her marriage to Aristotle Onassis.This really is in line with this sort of thing.I will substantiate that be referance to the Yoko Ono fortune from John Lennons assasination.Always look at the money.(sex and money).


Information technology could never be allowed to exist.A massive mis-information technology exercise has been delivered.At schools and higher education pupils are selected and creamed off for correct information learning which is not given automatically.I was also asked if I wished to accept this selection  and refused on the grounds that they used their scientists for  weapons of mass destruction.I suppose I have been a marked man since then.

As it is said ,the winner writes the history books and we have never had correct information passed down.If the full extent of this were known the society and civilization as we know it would crumble.

I have choosen a snippet of  information as an example.You only have to put two and two tpogvether to work oput gthe size of the rest of it .But even then, it is going to be worse than you can imagine. The following.

Adolf Hitler was the King of England for all intents and purposes.He was the son of the king of England of the day (George Vth).He was deliberately conceived in a ceremony on a  Midsummers  day,(1888) and born the following April.The female was specially selected was not his wife.Bought up in Austria by a choosen family and subject to a program that would deliver a messiah and and antichrist for world power.He was adored and worshipped by all who came into contact with him in adult life.He had a Christlike Messianic aura of love and peace.Little has ever been revealed about him.Certainly he was the centre of a religious drug cult and that these were responsible in his manufacture.He was of course not killed in 1945, but took his armies elsewhere.It is said that he had bases under the Antartic where they continued, eventually taking control of America a few years later and moving off planet,controlling earth and a secret world government in place.

The full truth will never be known H was in possession of ET technology, (if not under their control), and a science program was initiated that is now thousands of years ahead of what we know or conceive, passing down tit bit of tech that we see, such as mobiles and computers.

By blood line he is not the King.monarch by blood goes to Peggy Childers, kidnapped at the age of two and put into an American family.She has two sons as well.The daughter of Edward, it seems.When he abdicated, it was included that his heirs would not be excluded from sucession.His real partner/wife was not Simpson.She was put in with a double to cover up.

There is another of the Windsor family (Emilly Craig Windsor?), who claims the throne and says Peggy is illigitamate, but I disbelieve her. She has been programed by the CIA , to deliver misinformation.The throne was bought by the Rothchilds at this time which is the reason for Edwards abdication.He knew England was lost.

Emilly has published a book  delivering her account of this history.Definately a must read.

So from the above it can be seen how history is massively falsified, and always has been.Power it seems it has always been ET influenced and wars have mostly been activated over greed for their gadgets and technology that deliver wealth and power.

It is another story of what treasures lie under ancient sites.Tech and science that is unbelievable to us.This has always been known and the  key target for plunder and power.


Illuminati War For World Power

world war two was a contrived set up by the illuminati for world domination.Adolf Hitler was the illegitimate son of George the V.He was a deliberate conceived on the Solstice,(midsummers day),21st june 1888,for occult reasons, by george and one of his chosen lovers,in Germany.The whole thing was planned years ahead.Hitler never lost the war,he went underground and the war continued.The British and Americans have been at at it even to this day.The 4th Reich superceded the 3rd and if that comes unstuck it is very likely that the 5th Reich will surface.Rothchild bought the Windsors at this time.England had lost sovereignty.Edward abdicated because of this and George 6th took the throne.Written into this abdication was that any children from Edward,should still be in line for the throne.He did have a daughter,as I have refered to, who was kidnapped and fostered out to an American family,(in Tenessee?).Her name was to be Peggy Anne Childers and is still alive today.She is claiming the throne.He had married an American woman,not Wallace Simpson.The history that has been handed down to us has been falsified.The UK has never had a say in its own affairs ever since.(Why Edward abdicated? because the throne no longer existed).The Germans moved into power in America after 1945 and dominated the sciences and advanced technology.They moved into underground civilizations and off planet.
Civilizations and empires that arise to power through the earths history do not do so on their own merits and power.As You see with the WW II politics.Behind this movement were underground forces and fraternities of an occult and religious nature.Powers and technologies are known to be of alien origin.Wars have been fought throughout history,it seems,for gadgets and alien resources which give occult powers to those that plunder these technologies.Religious temples and centres of the world from Tibet downwards,including Rome,the Vatican, the Middle East Egypt,India etc. have been the targets for plunder.This seems to be what has been going on for thousands of years.,left by the ancients and the Alien ET masters.This gadgetry and advanced technology ensures world power and domination.

Adolf Hitler

Elizabeth Emily Craig Windsor has written a book recently outlinimg much of the histopry of the Royalty over ther period from George the Vth until more recently in which she releases a lot of infromation that until now has remained hidden.The accuracy of this information cannot be verified entirely and some is contested from a similarly placed insider,whom I shall mention shortly,Amongst other things she claims to be the daughter of Edward the VIIIth also claiming he had 3 other children from Wallace Simpson and another partner.She says the child born to Wallace Simpson was her half sister.Also that the 4 children were fostered out so as to be hidden from public knowledge. But the other half sister living in America whose adopted name is Peggy Anne Childers,claims that she is the only legitimate heir of Edward and her mother was not Wallace, but the genuine partner of Edward,another American female.She says that written into the agrrement by law ,it was agreed that any children born to Edward after abdicating the throne in 1936 would be legitimate heirs to the throne.On other points there is much agreement in the stories told by them both.Scott and Mark are the two children from Peggy Childers,with whom she lost contact.Their wherabouts unknown.Both claim that George Vth had another son,illigitimate,that this sons name was Adolf Hitler,that the conception of Adolf was arranged somewhere in Germany on the solstice,(midsummers day) with a selected female lover of George and that he was duly born 9 months later.George Vth they claim sold out the throne and interests of the UK to the Rothchild bankers and this is why Edward abdicated,because there was nothimg left to inherit and govern,peggy says that a double stepped in for Edward to fake the marriage to Wallace and that he had never had a relationship with her, but with an American woman, whom was her mother.It seems they nare saying that the whole thing was a set up by the Illuminati,to preparefor the NWO,and the whole of the 2nd world war was a business venture,an arranged setup.
At the end of the day Peggy Childers puts a belk9evable and compelling account bof evants to calim that she is the true heir to the throne of england,.She delivers pretty well verifiableminfomation to this end and thaty the Present Queen Elizabith is a fraud put in by the Rothchilds,as was George VIth.That from this time on Uk was bought and controlled by the Americamns,the illuminati.

Edwards father George Vth


Our advanced technlogy has been taken from ET and Alien sources of many kinds and uses exteremly advanced technology.These technologies are available to different species,alien and human and are in the hands of the military and the elite also.
Some weapons I have heard discribed are small hand held devices that can target for instance at carbon or nitrogen atoms in the body, or to neutralize or deactivate them,small devices that can transform a solders molecular biology and enable light to travel through, enabling invisability.This cloaking can be acheived on ships and aircraft also.There are hundreds(or more)aircraft in our skies that we don't see according to sources of information.
Small handheld devices that can teleport a person elswhere.I have had it discribed a small weapon that can be targetted to any distance whatsoever, but usually used within a range of half a mile to perhaps a few miles.It will return all object encounterred in its beam to their original atomic structure,atoms.Technology also exists to "atomize" and re constitute objects or persons into its orginal structure elsewhere in time or space. i.e another planet.
All manor of powerful weapons are available to soldiers, that we could hardly imagine.They have guns using antimatter bullets for instance.A spec of antimatter that is smaller than the eye can detect could blow up huge building complexes.They can use infra red and more,can see in the dark,at any range.
They have bullets that can travel at near light speeds,many miles range and accurate.
There is much more.
It is said that the milimeter waves of the 5G network resonate at the same frequency as oxygen and can neutralize the molecule.It targets the water molecule as well.It is a weaponized system,like everything else they do.
They also have "psychic soldiers" that can kill by "magic"i.e.from a photograph or some such thing.Of course they can utilize antigravity.They can wear suits that enhance there abillty to be bullet proof,to run at 100 mph, to jump 300 feet(,,updated,,,) in the air etc.The information sources are now on the internet that special forces run operations or sorties to other planets, outside our solar system,jumping thorugh a "portal" with a 15-30 minute time window to perform an operation, fast return.That they have been doing this for a long time.Weapons disclosures are now happenning and there is much more to come.
There is no doubt that their weaponry and technology is unlimited.They do have weapon technology to disintegrate destroy planets in this solar system such as saturn or jupiter.The abillty to knock out entire planets.
The information I deliver has a high % accuracy, more so than most other sources, but I still leave out many details, to make it easier to get a general idea, because further research is easy enough,online.
None of this information from the internet and disclosure sources is entirely accurate.Also loads of misinformation and misleading information.Much of the accurate info blinds by light and much of it has varying levels of meaning andunderstanding.At the very high levels involved with alien sources and our own sciences as well, some things can be true and false at the same time.
Dont believe it when they say beliefs are acceptable when reduced to packets of correct information.This also is not true. 99 % can sometimes by worse than nothing at all and this is very much the situation.
They still havent delivered the standard model of theoretical physics,nor proved darwinizm.Nor read the genetic language.The reason for this is that they cannot do it, nor ever will.It is either a case of the 99 pence or a case of curiosity killed the cat.

JFK Assasination.

There are many conflicting hypotheses that seem equally convincing.I have researched in depth on the internet, particularly youtube and it seems to me that it is still not conclusive as to what happened.It is clear that there has been a massive coverup from very high places and that many people were involved.It is described as a conspiracy, but I have arrived at the conclusion that it could be described by the term "cult".It is possible that JFK was got rid of because he broke the rules of the cult that pervaded these high government areas.He did not conform to their black magic societies,rituals and secrets. He only hinted at this in one of his speeches targeting secret societies as unacceptable.

So ingenious is the coverup, misinformation tactics etc, that I conclude high genius at work,possibly alien in origin.It also includes patterns observed in unrelated intelligence and alien operations that have come to light.It fits forensics and cult informations in other matters, and can be seen from an application of sciences and mathematics to give a picture that is otherwise not visible.

There were undoubtably a few extra shooters and red herrings mixed in,including film footage etc, and no information we receive from the scene can be said to be reliable.Some of the hypothese are highly convincing and difficult to discredit.The James files confession being one of them.

For some reason the belief that Jackie O herself shot her husband has been avoided, and there is no good reason why she should be exempt from suspicion, if not for the purpose of eliminating her from enquiries.Inside the car arouses suspicion also,which  is cleverly covered up and lied about.But as said nothing is certain from the physical evidence, videos etc.

The video footage showing Jackie actually shooting JFK is available ,but in view of the genius tactics at work we cannot determine its truth 100%.However it is unexplainable why the case hasn't generated more interest.

I am going to support the idea that she shot JFK.If you look at the forensics involved with their relationship and others in their circle, the idea fits perfectly by forensics of psychiatry.In fact it is a compulsory fit.The realtionship and marriage to Aristotle , his wealth, her CIA training for these sort of purposes, their ritualistic sexual goings on in these circles.Power and corruption politics etc.

Also if you look at the implications of this truth becoming public, it supports the assassination tactics by females that are very highly secretive by CIA and other inteligence services.It supports the knowledge of occult practises being utilized in governments, it supports quazi religious and cult practices being a politic in world governments for a long time,(where they are portayed as being secular governers, not religious).It also makes a connection with Alien practices and interference, which reinforces the idea that occult activity is rampant in government, police and military actions.

In fact it could topple a pack of dominoes, as to the power structure above our heads.The secret government workings, that controls the world.It definitely supports a satanistic, black magic , religious cult power base, followed on through Hitlers regime,but ultimately it reveals the true rulers of planet earth.They are aliens, ET. This has to be covered up for the sake of credibility.

Jacky Kennedy,s shooting of her husband was a black magic satanistic ritual killing, supported by black magic circles within the Pentagon and White House. 

It has been covered up by Alien and ET intelligence, as this is how they gain control of humanity and governments, by corrupting them with sex magic and money  and power, which ultimately they can control.

They are masters of time and their future plans for the human race have already been made.These sort of revalations could upset their blueprint for the future.

This is why there is no solution to the JFK killing,but if seen from an occult angle and by remote viewing , the fit is so good ,that Jackie pulled the trigger ,that I would put my money on it.

NOTE On Dostoevsky,(1821-1881), re-Crime and Punishment:

Written in 1866.

This book is underestimated outside Russia, partly because of a poor translation and ignorance of Russian mentality, but it is a classic and relavent, if not dangerous work, not only in Russia, but all power structures.

Dostoevsky was imprisoned for 4 years and forced to serve in the army afterwards for another 6 years when about 28 years of age.His politics aligning with the main character in his novel Crime and Punishment.His term in prison is crucial to his meaning, and yet again cannot be easily understood by those out side of this experience.This gives his work , grappling with the concepts of good and evil, essential credibiillity and his targeting of the money lender and daughter  was critical.

The timing of the novel ,1866, some years after release from prison ,gives it further authority.His army service, even more.He certainly hit back hard at his government, with his pen.He was intelligent.

In the field of man and politics,he has politically assassinated his government, yet nothing could be done about his so doing.This is a self portrait.It documents the politics of orginal nature, in the setting of world governments in 1886.It is however timeless and as relevant today as it was then.Not only in Russia, but on a world wide stage.This was a  great man, manufactured by his experience.

For those who can make the connection involving corruption in power, on the good and evil stage of the American cesspit and the stuff written about by myself in the above article ,so be it .

Who Is The Real Jesus?



These 2 links are about guy who claims the right to the monarchy of England, which he offers documented proof, for.He also claims to be the reinacargtion of Jesus.He is Australian.
Also below is his declaration to elizabeth II for the throne and another link with his birth details/cetificate.