Talk Thought (hamish_comment) wrote,
Talk Thought

Inteligence levels Cause Problems ?

Most people are familiar with the range of inteligences we encounter in the world with professionals such as scientists and controllers of our system which make up about 5% of the population whilst the majority are the workers with an average IQ.
We are products of time and space as are our minds and most will identify with the 3 dimensional world and normal understanding of Time.Normal understanding of Space/Time.
But we have entered an age of extreme technolgies and scientific advancement.We now encounter a world which is openly being contolled outside Time.We are being introduced to an altered space time reality.More or less 5th dimsional technolgies and higher are now the norm.
But the majority of humans are far below this level of inteligence and can only understand concepts within Time.It is doubtful if even the most advanced humans can live outside Time.Or in a 4th spacial dimension.This is where our technology is at.We have to deal with this technology all of us without exception and to be honest this is not possible for the large majority.Even the hand held mobile phone.
We need to work for instance.But how is this possible outside time? It cannot be done.staring at a digital interface all day does not create wealth,food or shelter.It simply advances the kingdom of the silicon chip on a cause with no meaning.
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