Talk Thought (hamish_comment) wrote,
Talk Thought


They have weaponized all our essential services.
Many will know this already.You may think the tide is turning and this killer machine is on the run.This is not so.It is in full swing and cannot stop.Even if it wanted to.It is an extinction process.What it promises cannot be delivered.This includes it,s technology solutions and its Mars Genome Project.It is dead.
The NWO killing said,have weaponized everything,from deadly radiation on the 5G network that can take out the oxygen from water molecules in your body,to you gas or electric bills,which they can kill you for if you do not pay.Make no mistake.The main weaponized services they are using are the essential ones.Finacial,Energy,Internet,NHS,Law,Police Miltary.They have to also kill these service workers.
The original source code of the New World Order weaponization was the psychiatric which has now been abandonned to a "Kill All" directive.
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