Talk Thought (hamish_comment) wrote,
Talk Thought

Brain Dead LSD

We are born into the world and have to work out what we see and what is what conciously.With the drug experience we are still doing this.The neural networks make conections every time we process the information that we see or experience.There comes a time when the mind has processed all the information that it was progammed to see,(the world,itself ?).With LSD the conections are made in the brain after the experience is processed conciously.Once connections are made they cannot be unmade.It is like seeing with your own eyes the sky is blue,it cannot be changed.You know this to be so.So once the the neworks of the concious Brain are made by processing the information of what it sees or experiences,they cannot be unmade/unconnected.This is what is known as brain dead.It means that the brain has served its purpose,it has processed life,s information conciously.The concious part of the brain has used up all its connections.His subconcious is now in the driving seat.From now on he has to "play it by ear".This is why these people make good musicians/artists.These people are dead.Their networks are wired up now to the other side.They are spirits living in the material world.Poltergiests.But remember when we say poltergiests,there are diferent types.Jesus Christ was also a poltergeist.So was Mary Magdalene.So is the devil.
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