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Psychologies Hippies

Hippy psychologies are Christ minds attained through use of the psychadelics.They are utopian.They live in the past present future time.Most have journeyed to,other starsystems and planets.They like to live in the present time and space.The here and now where the dimensions merge and natural highs exist.These people travelled the subconciuos mostly by sound, by the ear,but reconciled it at the end point to the eye.Eyes and Ears,ideally speaking.
Live by the sword die by the sword.They pay a heavy price for this short lived heaven .It comes on top quite quickly.
The mind spaces on this journey most times do not go the full distance and hippies get of the boat somewhere along the line with an compromized level of enlightennment.This is male and female.
The usual formula is mind expansion through cannabis and music,exploring the subconcious.An acedemic study, if truth be told.
Openning doors.
There is a final door of the subconcious.This door is death.
LSD is not usually taken frequently,but it does facilitate the passing through of some major doors,including death.Passing through the door of death is an enlightenment.
The processing of these doors delivers ann ear and an eye.Sight & Vision.
Machine Messiahs.
There are many casualties on this journey.

Cult religions such as this have always been used for thousands of years.They are natural drugs.But they are dangerous.The doors back again into the secular world are not available.
Safe religions are recommended instead,but these have mostly been corrupted.The outcome would be the same travel to other stars systems and planets,utopian,through nature,but supplying a return ticket to the secular world.This is needed untli evolution has been completed.
It is not neccessary to know the mechanics of this science.How travel is accomplished.It is beyond our abillity to understand.Most travellers are wiped before returning.
Aproximately speaking,by movement in dimensions.It is physical travel.

The men in black are real and they are onto these psychologies.They will not be allowed to return with any information from these experiences,i.e.technologies etc.They are mind disturbing.

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