Talk Thought (hamish_comment) wrote,
Talk Thought

Drug Messiahs

The hippy movement was noted for its music renaisance.Such as Bob Dylan,Rolling Stones,Genesis,Doors and the many others.They were known as Machine Messiahs with a huge following in their generation of drug Machine Messiahs(hippies).
The phrase first amongs equals is the way to see it,as they did.There were no leaders or NO.1 musicians etc,they were all sighted equally by their drug habits and lifestyles.They were smoking the same cannabis/LSD and listenning to the same music.
They did attain Chrishood and heavenly,utopian existance for a short while and some of their music is left as a legacy to this.But mostly their are no survivors to tell the tale and most of this period will disappear without a trace.This happens in past generations all the time,it is nothing new.But they would think so, as something very special.
This renaisance by the hippies was short lived and fizzled out by the 1980,s although the look-a-like drug generations continued, as the proceeds of this so called "Crime of The Century" filled then pockets of the greedy until this day.Only the music lives on.

It must be said that this renaisance crime of the century hit the whole western world,if not more,from Elvis onwards.It coincided with new technolgy for mass communication.The radio and TV and music systems.Although not admitted it knocked out the staus quo,the governments and is responsible for the demise of the old age.It doesnt really signify a new age as has been put forqward by the floundering,antichrist,world governments.But it does signify the end of the old.Chaos is its legacy.Old age,desease,death and sufferring,The armageddon and the end.
It signifies the movement into the next world,not the new world or new age.
Mortality cannot be outwitted.This is our fate.It is the end.These rock stars were not immortal,they were a cult religion,as is the government.
The devil incarnate can only bring death.

This Crime Of The Century happenning did win the Power,which is now irrecoverable.You may have witnessed the insane power struggles that governments and others have been waging since the sixties.
No one in authority wishes to loose the proceeds of this "Crime" either.
This war has been raging for the last 50 years.Civilization is hanging on to its digital identity now.
Could it be Sony recording company having the last laugh in remberance of Hiroshima?/

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