Talk Thought (hamish_comment) wrote,
Talk Thought

Inteligence Government and Machine

The western civilizations is run by a system.Law and finance.Military defence as well.The system would fall if it were not maintained.This has previously been by human hand.But now mostly by machine and artificial inteligence.The law always has been an ass and the mechanics of running our government system have always been fataly floored.But if it is seen to be in place,society manages to survive.This is due to inteligence at thyenb steering wheel.As said,presumed to be of human kind.But now information sugests that it has been steered by illuminati and ET inteligence.The bottom line of this system that has always been a failure has been pilage rape and murder,cleverly disguised to appear as a an exercise in law and defence.
The extent of the human disaster is surfacing.It has no chance anylonger of pretending to be able to survive into the future by human hand, and therefore the only posiible alternbative the survival of a system is an Artificial Machine Inteligence.

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