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JFK Assination Study Conclusion

This study is a textbook eye openner of deception,coverups and CIA intrigue and modus operanda.It takes inteligence work to another level, so complex is the coverup.It is a work of genius that is not often put into the public arena for scrutiization.It is an example of secret government work.Once you know the standard proceedures it is easy to guess how governments use these text book exercises as routine.
The visable sciences of this crime give no conclusive result and the whole collection of misplaced information and misinformation placements are contructed to prove almost definately several results.Although 90% certain of some of them, none,deliver 100% certainty under the microscope.This case is definately under the microscope.
So the visable sciences are not able to deliver.What about the invisible sciences?.The occult sciences?.The Forensic sciences?These both indicate that Jackeline Kennedy shot JFK.
So independantly of the occult practices and background of these people in power that we now know about from disclosures,there is independant verifications from the case of an occult ritual.Occult sciences may not be acceptable to a secular court room, yet occult sciences have been used by governments since time imemorial and still are today.their are some that know that occult scinces can be exact sciences,but not many.They are outlawed by most due to the fact that know one has the expertise to handle them.
However if what cannot be seen is established to be true, then if back-engineered to the crime scene, you would have aphotographic evidence.
So giving this thought exercise a go, look at the Zepruder film at the moment of JFK,s fatal head wound.
It clearly shows jackie putting a bullet though the left side of his head, beneath his ear and blowing the otherside of his head off.
Yes, we know this is not reliable footage.We know the film has been tamperred with and that information is placed all over to draw attention away from other possibillities.The frames have been doctored at this point of the film, if not all of it and there is more trhan one version of this film footage.But it is every bit as good as all the other theories in its abillity to be 90% convincing.Also it is the only remaining hypothesis after microscopic scrutiny that still stands out as a good theory.
Futhermore it agrees exacly with forensic psychology results and determinations from the occult sciences.

The intereting point in this case is that if this is verified,it has incredibly interesting and far reaching implications.
The whole pantomine when re-analysed in the light of this,puts on the table a story that touches the sky and beyond.It would activate access to a secret web of knowledge and information behind world politics,cults and religions.

My own personal conclusion,(from experience),is that this was a UFO shooting(Jackie fired the shot) of the The United States of America.Albeit contraversial and contentious.This is why there will never be any evidence.They are the only ones who can orchestrate a coverup of this immensity.They would otherwise loose the proceeds from the crime.(USA).

If in the light of this you put back the pieces and rightly assume that at this high level of power security would be as near as damn it watertight,then it would make perfect sense to get through security and his defenses in this way.It is copybook UFO killing,using the only possibly avenue to the target,an occult avenue.The USA inteligences would have been able to work this out as well.

There is a further nail in the coffin if you look at the huge wealth delivered to Jackie after the killing, by her marriage to Aristotle Onassis.This really is in line with this sort of thing.I will substantiate that be referance to the Yoko Ono fortune from John Lennons assasination.Always look at the money.(sex and money).
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