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Information technology could never be allowed to exist.A massive mis-information technology exercise has been delivered.At schools and higher education pupils are selected and creamed off for correct information learning which is not given automatically.I was also asked if I wished to accept this selection  and refused on the grounds that they used their scientists for  weapons of mass destruction.I suppose I have been a marked man since then.

As it is said ,the winner writes the history books and we have never had correct information passed down.If the full extent of this were known the society and civilization as we know it would crumble.

I have choosen a snippet of  information as an example.You only have to put two and two tpogvether to work oput gthe size of the rest of it .But even then, it is going to be worse than you can imagine. The following.

Adolf Hitler was the King of England for all intents and purposes.He was the son of the king of England of the day (George Vth).He was deliberately conceived in a ceremony on a  Midsummers  day,(1888) and born the following April.The female was specially selected was not his wife.Bought up in Austria by a choosen family and subject to a program that would deliver a messiah and and antichrist for world power.He was adored and worshipped by all who came into contact with him in adult life.He had a Christlike Messianic aura of love and peace.Little has ever been revealed about him.Certainly he was the centre of a religious drug cult and that these were responsible in his manufacture.He was of course not killed in 1945, but took his armies elsewhere.It is said that he had bases under the Antartic where they continued, eventually taking control of America a few years later and moving off planet,controlling earth and a secret world government in place.

The full truth will never be known H was in possession of ET technology, (if not under their control), and a science program was initiated that is now thousands of years ahead of what we know or conceive, passing down tit bit of tech that we see, such as mobiles and computers.

By blood line he is not the King.monarch by blood goes to Peggy Childers, kidnapped at the age of two and put into an American family.She has two sons as well.The daughter of Edward, it seems.When he abdicated, it was included that his heirs would not be excluded from sucession.His real partner/wife was not Simpson.She was put in with a double to cover up.

There is another of the Windsor family (Emilly Craig Windsor?), who claims the throne and says Peggy is illigitamate, but I disbelieve her. She has been programed by the CIA , to deliver misinformation.The throne was bought by the Rothchilds at this time which is the reason for Edwards abdication.He knew England was lost.

Emilly has published a book  delivering her account of this history.Definately a must read.

So from the above it can be seen how history is massively falsified, and always has been.Power it seems it has always been ET influenced and wars have mostly been activated over greed for their gadgets and technology that deliver wealth and power.

It is another story of what treasures lie under ancient sites.Tech and science that is unbelievable to us.This has always been known and the  key target for plunder and power.



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