Talk Thought (hamish_comment) wrote,
Talk Thought

Illuminati War For World Power

world war two was a contrived set up by the illuminati for world domination.Adolf Hitler was the illegitimate son of George the V.He was a deliberate conceived on the Solstice,(midsummers day),21st june 1888,for occult reasons, by george and one of his chosen lovers,in Germany.The whole thing was planned years ahead.Hitler never lost the war,he went underground and the war continued.The British and Americans have been at at it even to this day.The 4th Reich superceded the 3rd and if that comes unstuck it is very likely that the 5th Reich will surface.Rothchild bought the Windsors at this time.England had lost sovereignty.Edward abdicated because of this and George 6th took the throne.Written into this abdication was that any children from Edward,should still be in line for the throne.He did have a daughter,as I have refered to, who was kidnapped and fostered out to an American family,(in Tenessee?).Her name was to be Peggy Anne Childers and is still alive today.She is claiming the throne.He had married an American woman,not Wallace Simpson.The history that has been handed down to us has been falsified.The UK has never had a say in its own affairs ever since.(Why Edward abdicated? because the throne no longer existed).The Germans moved into power in America after 1945 and dominated the sciences and advanced technology.They moved into underground civilizations and off planet.
Civilizations and empires that arise to power through the earths history do not do so on their own merits and power.As You see with the WW II politics.Behind this movement were underground forces and fraternities of an occult and religious nature.Powers and technologies are known to be of alien origin.Wars have been fought throughout history,it seems,for gadgets and alien resources which give occult powers to those that plunder these technologies.Religious temples and centres of the world from Tibet downwards,including Rome,the Vatican, the Middle East Egypt,India etc. have been the targets for plunder.This seems to be what has been going on for thousands of years.,left by the ancients and the Alien ET masters.This gadgetry and advanced technology ensures world power and domination.


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