Illuminati War For World Power

world war two was a contrived set up by the illuminati for world domination.Adolf Hitler was the illegitimate son of George the V.It was a deliberate conception executed on the Solstice,(midsummers day)for occult reasons.The whole thing was planned years ahead and set up.Hitler never lost the war,he went underground and the war continued.The British and Americans have been at at it even to this day.The 4th Reich superceded the 3rd and if that comes unstuck it is very likely that the 5th Reich will surface.Rothchild bought the Windsors a little after this time and the UK has never had a say in its own affairs ever since.(this is why Edward abdicated,the throne no longer existed).The German moved into power in America after 1945 and dominated the sciences and advanced technology.They moved into underground civilizations and off planet as well.
Civilizations and empires that arise to power through the earths history do not do so on their own merits and power.As You see with the WWII politics.Behind this movement were underground forces and fraternities of an occult and religious nature.Powers and technologies are known now to be of alien origin, it is now disclosed that mostly wars are for techmology.The source of the plunder were the religious temples and centres of the world from Tibet downwards.including Rome,the Vatican, the Middle East Egypt,India etc.The plunder was for the technology that has been concealed for thousands of years,left by the ancients and the Alien ET masters.This gadgetry is very powerful,so adbvanced it ensures world power and domination.These reasons have since time immemorial been behind the wars and rise and fall of empires and civilizations.probably extinctions as well.This advanced technolgyn that has been with the human race for thousands of years has access to interplanetary and even intersteller transportation vehicles to give an idea of its advanced nature.Also weaponry.It includes the wonders written in the ancient writings such as the Vedas, Vihmana vehicles and atomic like weaponry.