January 12th, 2020

Harry & Meaghan Show

We got to face facts on this punch and Judy show that is being played out with the Windsor politics an bring it up to date.
Firstly Adolf Hitler was in fact the King of England.He was the brainchild conception of George the Vth, concieved at a midsummers night festival and born to the day 9 months later on 20th April 1889.He was fostered out and programned for what was to follow.(This took place in Austria or Germany?)
Peggy Childers the daughter of Edward 8th we now know was kidbnapped by the Kennedy clan at 2 years old,fostered into the Childers familly, where their own two children were killed.She grew up,married and had two sons.
She tells some intersting stories.Firstly Meaghan is a trained CIA operative involved with assasinations,Secondly,the real Prince Harry was murdered by 3 gunmen in Dublin in 2016, no doubt set up by Meaghan.,(he had written a book),The current Harry is a doppleganger.The Meaghan Markle we know is a transexual.It was a man who "she"had sex change operations etc.It seems that this news is getting about and the Royal,s news desk is frantically putting about dodgy news items.
I would guess that she is heading a scene to get rid of the Windsors.Working toward s getting them assassinated for the CIA, because news has got out how the Rothchilds bought the UK in 1939 got rid of Edward and put in their own man George VIth.Our current Queen Elizabeth is in that paid for catorgory.
When Edward was forced out he managed to get it written into the agreement tnat his heirs would still inherit and therefooe by blood the line of succession goes to Peggy Childers and then her sons.She is the true Queen of this country.
It gets a bit unbelievable,but Hitler and the 4th Reich bought the USA with their technolgy and science,(they had alien tech and also had arrived at the Unified Field Thoery equation,had antigravity craft,very advanced science.Thye then moved off Plnaet to bases on the Moon and Mars to continue their Reich Program, not forgetting the genome prgram,.A shadow government has been governing us to cover this up.These peole can live long lives,they have advanced technology and word has it on the inetrtne that Adolph has only just died( 10-15 years ago).
I personally do not believe in his doctrine of science as a religion and power base.I am not a believer in the Fuhrer nor the antichrist nor the Christ,neither the God king as in Tibet.These figures are not suitable for political power,which is a secular arguement.
Hitler was a drug Messiah/Fuhrer as most of them are.Religion in the most paft is derived and fed by drug cultures.
It is the 4th Reich that has invented the psychiatric nuttung off of the human race, but if the Reich,s leader was scientifically superb as is supposed to be then he would be the first one to nut off Goerbels and Hesse and Himmler.But as it would turn out they would definatlly deal with him first.He would have had to kill all his generals.These politics are impossible.
Anyway they are drug and Alien politics,as all goverment is.

On the subject of Peggy Childers,(Margaret Anne Wkindsor),it is a standing testimony to the fraudulent nature of the internet and our messaging and communications network and people that her pages on the internet,( YouTube), exhibit her videos which recieve only from 60-300 plays each on average.That the newly discovered Queen of England shoud only find a small handful of people interested in this phenomenal information and revelation with all its massive implications and new information out of a population of 70 million shows the nature of the human being as not really worth much.They say the the people get the governmemt they deserve and this is born out by these statistics.It is a public disgrace.She has been known about for a good few years and always so by the Royals,yet she is left to live in poverty without even the bare neccassities of home requirements.It is a massive disgrace./span>