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Adolf Hitler

Elizabeth Emily Craig Windsor has written a book recently outlinimg much of the histopry of the Royalty over ther period from George the Vth until more recently in which she releases a lot of infromation that until now has remained hidden.The accuracy of this information cannot be verified entirely and some is contested from a similarly placed insider,whom I shall mention shortly,Amongst other things she claims to be the daughter of Edward the VIIIth also claiming he had 3 other children from Wallace Simpson and another partner.She says the child born to Wallace Simpson was her half sister.Also that the 4 children were fostered out so as to be hidden from public knowledge. But the other half sister living in America whose adopted name is Peggy Anne Childers,claims that she is the only legitimate heir of Edward and her mother was not Wallace, but the genuine partner of Edward,another American female.She says that written into the agrrement by law ,it was agreed that any children born to Edward after abdicating the throne in 1936 would be legitimate heirs to the throne.On other points there is much agreement in the stories told by them both.Scott and Mark are the two children from Peggy Childers,with whom she lost contact.Their wherabouts unknown.Both claim that George Vth had another son,illigitimate,that this sons name was Adolf Hitler,that the conception of Adolf was arranged somewhere in Germany on the solstice,(midsummers day) with a selected female lover of George and that he was duly born 9 months later.George Vth they claim sold out the throne and interests of the UK to the Rothchild bankers and this is why Edward abdicated,because there was nothimg left to inherit and govern,peggy says that a double stepped in for Edward to fake the marriage to Wallace and that he had never had a relationship with her, but with an American woman, whom was her mother.It seems they nare saying that the whole thing was a set up by the Illuminati,to preparefor the NWO,and the whole of the 2nd world war was a business venture,an arranged setup.
At the end of the day Peggy Childers puts a belk9evable and compelling account bof evants to calim that she is the true heir to the throne of england,.She delivers pretty well verifiableminfomation to this end and thaty the Present Queen Elizabith is a fraud put in by the Rothchilds,as was George VIth.That from this time on Uk was bought and controlled by the Americamns,the illuminati.

Edwards father George Vth

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