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Our advanced technlogy has been taken from ET and Alien sources of many kinds and uses exteremly advanced technology.These technologies are available to different species,alien and human and are in the hands of the military and the elite also.
Some weapons I have heard discribed are small hand held devices that can target for instance at carbon or nitrogen atoms in the body, or to neutralize or deactivate them,small devices that can transform a solders molecular biology and enable light to travel through, enabling invisability.This cloaking can be acheived on ships and aircraft also.There are hundreds(or more)aircraft in our skies that we don't see according to sources of information.
Small handheld devices that can teleport a person elswhere.I have had it discribed a small weapon that can be targetted to any distance whatsoever, but usually used within a range of half a mile to perhaps a few miles.It will return all object encounterred in its beam to their original atomic structure,atoms.Technology also exists to "atomize" and re constitute objects or persons into its orginal structure elsewhere in time or space. i.e another planet.
All manor of powerful weapons are available to soldiers, that we could hardly imagine.They have guns using antimatter bullets for instance.A spec of antimatter that is smaller than the eye can detect could blow up huge building complexes.They can use infra red and more,can see in the dark,at any range.
They have bullets that can travel at near light speeds,many miles range and accurate.
There is much more.
It is said that the milimeter waves of the 5G network resonate at the same frequency as oxygen and can neutralize the molecule.It targets the water molecule as well.It is a weaponized system,like everything else they do.
They also have "psychic soldiers" that can kill by "magic"i.e.from a photograph or some such thing.Of course they can utilize antigravity.They can wear suits that enhance there abillty to be bullet proof,to run at 100 mph, to jump 300 feet(,,updated,,,) in the air etc.The information sources are now on the internet that special forces run operations or sorties to other planets, outside our solar system,jumping thorugh a "portal" with a 15-30 minute time window to perform an operation, fast return.That they have been doing this for a long time.Weapons disclosures are now happenning and there is much more to come.
There is no doubt that their weaponry and technology is unlimited.They do have weapon technology to disintegrate destroy planets in this solar system such as saturn or jupiter.The abillty to knock out entire planets.
The information I deliver has a high % accuracy, more so than most other sources, but I still leave out many details, to make it easier to get a general idea, because further research is easy enough,online.
None of this information from the internet and disclosure sources is entirely accurate.Also loads of misinformation and misleading information.Much of the accurate info blinds by light and much of it has varying levels of meaning andunderstanding.At the very high levels involved with alien sources and our own sciences as well, some things can be true and false at the same time.
Dont believe it when they say beliefs are acceptable when reduced to packets of correct information.This also is not true. 99 % can sometimes by worse than nothing at all and this is very much the situation.
They still havent delivered the standard model of theoretical physics,nor proved darwinizm.Nor read the genetic language.The reason for this is that they cannot do it, nor ever will.It is either a case of the 99 pence or a case of curiosity killed the cat.
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