JFK Assasination.

There are many conflicting hypotheses that seem equally convincing.I have researched in depth on the internet, particularly youtube and it seems to me that it is still not conclusive as to what happened.It is clear that there has been a massive coverup from very high places and that many people were involved.It is described as a conspiracy, but I have arrived at the conclusion that it could be described by the term "cult".It is possible that JFK was got rid of because he broke the rules of the cult that pervaded these high government areas.He did not conform to their black magic societies,rituals and secrets. He only hinted at this in one of his speeches targeting secret societies as unacceptable.

So ingenious is the coverup, misinformation tactics etc, that I conclude high genius at work,possibly alien in origin.It also includes patterns observed in unrelated intelligence and alien operations that have come to light.It fits forensics and cult informations in other matters, and can be seen from an application of sciences and mathematics to give a picture that is otherwise not visible.

There were undoubtably a few extra shooters and red herrings mixed in,including film footage etc, and no information we receive from the scene can be said to be reliable.Some of the hypothese are highly convincing and difficult to discredit.The James files confession being one of them.

For some reason the belief that Jackie O herself shot her husband has been avoided, and there is no good reason why she should be exempt from suspicion, if not for the purpose of eliminating her from enquiries.Inside the car arouses suspicion also,which  is cleverly covered up and lied about.But as said nothing is certain from the physical evidence, videos etc.

The video footage showing Jackie actually shooting JFK is available ,but in view of the genius tactics at work we cannot determine its truth 100%.However it is unexplainable why the case hasn't generated more interest.

I am going to support the idea that she shot JFK.If you look at the forensics involved with their relationship and others in their circle, the idea fits perfectly by forensics of psychiatry.In fact it is a compulsory fit.The realtionship and marriage to Aristotle , his wealth, her CIA training for these sort of purposes, their ritualistic sexual goings on in these circles.Power and corruption politics etc.

Also if you look at the implications of this truth becoming public, it supports the assassination tactics by females that are very highly secretive by CIA and other inteligence services.It supports the knowledge of occult practises being utilized in governments, it supports quazi religious and cult practices being a politic in world governments for a long time,(where they are portayed as being secular governers, not religious).It also makes a connection with Alien practices and interference, which reinforces the idea that occult activity is rampant in government, police and military actions.

In fact it could topple a pack of dominoes, as to the power structure above our heads.The secret government workings, that controls the world.It definitely supports a satanistic, black magic , religious cult power base, followed on through Hitlers regime,but ultimately it reveals the true rulers of planet earth.They are aliens, ET. This has to be covered up for the sake of credibility.

Jacky Kennedy,s shooting of her husband was a black magic satanistic ritual killing, supported by black magic circles within the Pentagon and White House. 

It has been covered up by Alien and ET intelligence, as this is how they gain control of humanity and governments, by corrupting them with sex magic and money  and power, which ultimately they can control.

They are masters of time and their future plans for the human race have already been made.These sort of revalations could upset their blueprint for the future.

This is why there is no solution to the JFK killing,but if seen from an occult angle and by remote viewing , the fit is so good ,that Jackie pulled the trigger ,that I would put my money on it.

NOTE On Dostoevsky,(1821-1881), re-Crime and Punishment:

Written in 1866.

This book is underestimated outside Russia, partly because of a poor translation and ignorance of Russian mentality, but it is a classic and relavent, if not dangerous work, not only in Russia, but all power structures.

Dostoevsky was imprisoned for 4 years and forced to serve in the army afterwards for another 6 years when about 28 years of age.His politics aligning with the main character in his novel Crime and Punishment.His term in prison is crucial to his meaning, and yet again cannot be easily understood by those out side of this experience.This gives his work , grappling with the concepts of good and evil, essential credibiillity and his targeting of the money lender and daughter  was critical.

The timing of the novel ,1866, some years after release from prison ,gives it further authority.His army service, even more.He certainly hit back hard at his government, with his pen.He was intelligent.

In the field of man and politics,he has politically assassinated his government, yet nothing could be done about his so doing.This is a self portrait.It documents the politics of orginal nature, in the setting of world governments in 1886.It is however timeless and as relevant today as it was then.Not only in Russia, but on a world wide stage.This was a  great man, manufactured by his experience.

For those who can make the connection involving corruption in power, on the good and evil stage of the American cesspit and the stuff written about by myself in the above article ,so be it .


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