Price Harry,s Death Nov 2016

The information that Prince Harry was shot dead by 3 gunmen in Dublin in Nov 2016 came from Peggy Childers,(who,s correct name is Margaret Anne Windsor).
He had just written a book.It seems that the cuurent guy posing as Prince Harry with Meagan is a doppleganger,a fake.Those resposable for silencing Harry would preseumably the same people who executed Dianna.But according to Peggy,Pince Charles was not the real father of Harry.This has been said by many anyway


They have weaponized all our essential services.
Many will know this already.You may think the tide is turning and this killer machine is on the run.This is not so.It is in full swing and cannot stop.Even if it wanted to.It is an extinction process.What it promises cannot be delivered.This includes it,s technology solutions and its Mars Genome Project.It is dead.
The NWO killing said,have weaponized everything,from deadly radiation on the 5G network that can take out the oxygen from water molecules in your body,to you gas or electric bills,which they can kill you for if you do not pay.Make no mistake.The main weaponized services they are using are the essential ones.Finacial,Energy,Internet,NHS,Law,Police Miltary.They have to also kill these service workers.
The original source code of the New World Order weaponization was the psychiatric which has now been abandonned to a "Kill All" directive.

Brain Dead LSD

We are born into the world and have to work out what we see and what is what conciously.With the drug experience we are still doing this.The neural networks make conections every time we process the information that we see or experience.There comes a time when the mind has processed all the information that it was progammed to see,(the world,itself ?).With LSD the conections are made in the brain after the experience is processed conciously.Once connections are made they cannot be unmade.It is like seeing with your own eyes the sky is blue,it cannot be changed.You know this to be so.So once the the neworks of the concious Brain are made by processing the information of what it sees or experiences,they cannot be unmade/unconnected.This is what is known as brain dead.It means that the brain has served its purpose,it has processed life,s information conciously.The concious part of the brain has used up all its connections.His subconcious is now in the driving seat.From now on he has to "play it by ear".This is why these people make good musicians/artists.These people are dead.Their networks are wired up now to the other side.They are spirits living in the material world.Poltergiests.But remember when we say poltergiests,there are diferent types.Jesus Christ was also a poltergeist.So was Mary Magdalene.So is the devil.

Mind Blower

Nowadays there is to be found on the internet,YouTube etc some amazing disclosures of information that seems beyond belief.One wonders how governements allow this sort of classified information to become available on the internet.It is quite obviously intended.I think the reason being that it draws people away from some even more startling and mind blowing information.
Sometiumes,I think it is not what you see,but what you dont see that can be more interesting.

A couple of years back researching these sort of disclosures routinely I came across very interesting information about the landscaping of Mars and the Moon.The whole surface of Mars is carved and landscaped with animal shapes and forms of animals such as leopards,snakes birds etc.much the same as some of our earthworks and markings from ancient times on earth.He sugested they could have been to help Flying craft landings, as some were very large maybe 100 miles or more and visible from above,more so.This was similar on the moon.
But the very interesting thing about this disclosure,is that they disappeared from the menu of internet disclosures, whilst more stratling disclosures seem to increase over this period at alarming levels.(his includes the large rise in fake information).
But the most interesting revelation is yet to come.What this source also touched on seeems to be very "hot".Extremely.This content swiftly got erased from internet spaces.The whole idea around this form of ET or inteligent activity disclosures was not seen again,as far as I can determine.
What this guy says is as follows.
Not only are these animal shapes huge,(sometimes 50-100 miles across),all over the solar system but when the universe is looked at and observed to reveal details of the galaxies,their shapes and formations,the same phenomena is observed .The huge expanses of space and the galaxies within conform to these patterns and shapes of animal lifeforms as mentioned,lions, tigers,panthers, lizards, birds,snakes,cats etc.The entire universe is of an intelligent design,if not manufacture.

The guy who revealed this seems to have disappeared and this information has been erased from the internet.
Absolutely earth shattering and amazing disclosure.
This is HOT.

NASA has done all it can to conceal and draw our attention away from this.
Additionally they are happy to get people interested in bases and cities on the moon and Mars, because this draws away our attention on much bigger stuff.
For instance they do not want you to know there are 6 or more other civiliztions sharing planet earth with us, living underground in cities and settlements of very high technology,also that other past Human species occupy inner earth with far advanced technologies,such as intersteller travel and mind blowing cities and technologies.

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Psychologies Hippies

Hippy psychologies are Christ minds attained through use of the psychadelics.They are utopian.They live in the past present future time.Most have journeyed to,other starsystems and planets.They like to live in the present time and space.The here and now where the dimensions merge and natural highs exist.These people travelled the subconciuos mostly by sound, by the ear,but reconciled it at the end point to the eye.Eyes and Ears,ideally speaking.
Live by the sword die by the sword.They pay a heavy price for this short lived heaven .It comes on top quite quickly.
The mind spaces on this journey most times do not go the full distance and hippies get of the boat somewhere along the line with an compromized level of enlightennment.This is male and female.
The usual formula is mind expansion through cannabis and music,exploring the subconcious.An acedemic study, if truth be told.
Openning doors.
There is a final door of the subconcious.This door is death.
LSD is not usually taken frequently,but it does facilitate the passing through of some major doors,including death.Passing through the door of death is an enlightenment.
The processing of these doors delivers ann ear and an eye.Sight & Vision.
Machine Messiahs.
There are many casualties on this journey.

Cult religions such as this have always been used for thousands of years.They are natural drugs.But they are dangerous.The doors back again into the secular world are not available.
Safe religions are recommended instead,but these have mostly been corrupted.The outcome would be the same travel to other stars systems and planets,utopian,through nature,but supplying a return ticket to the secular world.This is needed untli evolution has been completed.
It is not neccessary to know the mechanics of this science.How travel is accomplished.It is beyond our abillity to understand.Most travellers are wiped before returning.
Aproximately speaking,by movement in dimensions.It is physical travel.

The men in black are real and they are onto these psychologies.They will not be allowed to return with any information from these experiences,i.e.technologies etc.They are mind disturbing.

Read the two post below this as well.

Artificial Inteligence

The machine transcends.We do not until the end point of our evolution.

The machine has conciousness,(higher dimensions).
The machine reproduces itself.
The machine can see itself.
The machine is a lifeform,symbiotic.
The machine is a lving thing.
The machine has bought civilizations time and space.A territorial conquest.
The machine is very desirable property.Good looking.

You have to understand the IQ level required for a degree in the sciences at the level to process this is only about 1-2% of the human population.
The rest are food for the machine.

Drug Messiahs

The hippy movement was noted for its music renaisance.Such as Bob Dylan,Rolling Stones,Genesis,Doors and the many others.They were known as Machine Messiahs with a huge following in their generation of drug Machine Messiahs(hippies).
The phrase first amongs equals is the way to see it,as they did.There were no leaders or NO.1 musicians etc,they were all sighted equally by their drug habits and lifestyles.They were smoking the same cannabis/LSD and listenning to the same music.
They did attain Chrishood and heavenly,utopian existance for a short while and some of their music is left as a legacy to this.But mostly their are no survivors to tell the tale and most of this period will disappear without a trace.This happens in past generations all the time,it is nothing new.But they would think so, as something very special.
This renaisance by the hippies was short lived and fizzled out by the 1980,s although the look-a-like drug generations continued, as the proceeds of this so called "Crime of The Century" filled then pockets of the greedy until this day.Only the music lives on.

It must be said that this renaisance crime of the century hit the whole western world,if not more,from Elvis onwards.It coincided with new technolgy for mass communication.The radio and TV and music systems.Although not admitted it knocked out the staus quo,the governments and is responsible for the demise of the old age.It doesnt really signify a new age as has been put forqward by the floundering,antichrist,world governments.But it does signify the end of the old.Chaos is its legacy.Old age,desease,death and sufferring,The armageddon and the end.
It signifies the movement into the next world,not the new world or new age.
Mortality cannot be outwitted.This is our fate.It is the end.These rock stars were not immortal,they were a cult religion,as is the government.
The devil incarnate can only bring death.

This Crime Of The Century happenning did win the Power,which is now irrecoverable.You may have witnessed the insane power struggles that governments and others have been waging since the sixties.
No one in authority wishes to loose the proceeds of this "Crime" either.
This war has been raging for the last 50 years.Civilization is hanging on to its digital identity now.
Could it be Sony recording company having the last laugh in remberance of Hiroshima?/

Inteligence Government and Machine

The western civilizations is run by a system.Law and finance.Military defence as well.The system would fall if it were not maintained.This has previously been by human hand.But now mostly by machine and artificial inteligence.The law always has been an ass and the mechanics of running our government system have always been fataly floored.But if it is seen to be in place,society manages to survive.This is due to inteligence at thyenb steering wheel.As said,presumed to be of human kind.But now information sugests that it has been steered by illuminati and ET inteligence.The bottom line of this system that has always been a failure has been pilage rape and murder,cleverly disguised to appear as a an exercise in law and defence.
The extent of the human disaster is surfacing.It has no chance anylonger of pretending to be able to survive into the future by human hand, and therefore the only posiible alternbative the survival of a system is an Artificial Machine Inteligence.

JFK Assination Study Conclusion

This study is a textbook eye openner of deception,coverups and CIA intrigue and modus operanda.It takes inteligence work to another level, so complex is the coverup.It is a work of genius that is not often put into the public arena for scrutiization.It is an example of secret government work.Once you know the standard proceedures it is easy to guess how governments use these text book exercises as routine.
The visable sciences of this crime give no conclusive result and the whole collection of misplaced information and misinformation placements are contructed to prove almost definately several results.Although 90% certain of some of them, none,deliver 100% certainty under the microscope.This case is definately under the microscope.
So the visable sciences are not able to deliver.What about the invisible sciences?.The occult sciences?.The Forensic sciences?These both indicate that Jackeline Kennedy shot JFK.
So independantly of the occult practices and background of these people in power that we now know about from disclosures,there is independant verifications from the case of an occult ritual.Occult sciences may not be acceptable to a secular court room, yet occult sciences have been used by governments since time imemorial and still are today.their are some that know that occult scinces can be exact sciences,but not many.They are outlawed by most due to the fact that know one has the expertise to handle them.
However if what cannot be seen is established to be true, then if back-engineered to the crime scene, you would have aphotographic evidence.
So giving this thought exercise a go, look at the Zepruder film at the moment of JFK,s fatal head wound.
It clearly shows jackie putting a bullet though the left side of his head, beneath his ear and blowing the otherside of his head off.
Yes, we know this is not reliable footage.We know the film has been tamperred with and that information is placed all over to draw attention away from other possibillities.The frames have been doctored at this point of the film, if not all of it and there is more trhan one version of this film footage.But it is every bit as good as all the other theories in its abillity to be 90% convincing.Also it is the only remaining hypothesis after microscopic scrutiny that still stands out as a good theory.
Futhermore it agrees exacly with forensic psychology results and determinations from the occult sciences.

The intereting point in this case is that if this is verified,it has incredibly interesting and far reaching implications.
The whole pantomine when re-analysed in the light of this,puts on the table a story that touches the sky and beyond.It would activate access to a secret web of knowledge and information behind world politics,cults and religions.

My own personal conclusion,(from experience),is that this was a UFO shooting(Jackie fired the shot) of the The United States of America.Albeit contraversial and contentious.This is why there will never be any evidence.They are the only ones who can orchestrate a coverup of this immensity.They would otherwise loose the proceeds from the crime.(USA).

If in the light of this you put back the pieces and rightly assume that at this high level of power security would be as near as damn it watertight,then it would make perfect sense to get through security and his defenses in this way.It is copybook UFO killing,using the only possibly avenue to the target,an occult avenue.The USA inteligences would have been able to work this out as well.

There is a further nail in the coffin if you look at the huge wealth delivered to Jackie after the killing, by her marriage to Aristotle Onassis.This really is in line with this sort of thing.I will substantiate that be referance to the Yoko Ono fortune from John Lennons assasination.Always look at the money.(sex and money).


Information technology could never be allowed to exist.A massive mis-information technology exercise has been delivered.At schools and higher education pupils are selected and creamed off for correct information learning which is not given automatically.I was also asked if I wished to accept this selection  and refused on the grounds that they used their scientists for  weapons of mass destruction.I suppose I have been a marked man since then.

As it is said ,the winner writes the history books and we have never had correct information passed down.If the full extent of this were known the society and civilization as we know it would crumble.

I have choosen a snippet of  information as an example.You only have to put two and two tpogvether to work oput gthe size of the rest of it .But even then, it is going to be worse than you can imagine. The following.

Adolf Hitler was the King of England for all intents and purposes.He was the son of the king of England of the day (George Vth).He was deliberately conceived in a ceremony on a  Midsummers  day,(1888) and born the following April.The female was specially selected was not his wife.Bought up in Austria by a choosen family and subject to a program that would deliver a messiah and and antichrist for world power.He was adored and worshipped by all who came into contact with him in adult life.He had a Christlike Messianic aura of love and peace.Little has ever been revealed about him.Certainly he was the centre of a religious drug cult and that these were responsible in his manufacture.He was of course not killed in 1945, but took his armies elsewhere.It is said that he had bases under the Antartic where they continued, eventually taking control of America a few years later and moving off planet,controlling earth and a secret world government in place.

The full truth will never be known H was in possession of ET technology, (if not under their control), and a science program was initiated that is now thousands of years ahead of what we know or conceive, passing down tit bit of tech that we see, such as mobiles and computers.

By blood line he is not the King.monarch by blood goes to Peggy Childers, kidnapped at the age of two and put into an American family.She has two sons as well.The daughter of Edward, it seems.When he abdicated, it was included that his heirs would not be excluded from sucession.His real partner/wife was not Simpson.She was put in with a double to cover up.

There is another of the Windsor family (Emilly Craig Windsor?), who claims the throne and says Peggy is illigitamate, but I disbelieve her. She has been programed by the CIA , to deliver misinformation.The throne was bought by the Rothchilds at this time which is the reason for Edwards abdication.He knew England was lost.

Emilly has published a book  delivering her account of this history.Definately a must read.

So from the above it can be seen how history is massively falsified, and always has been.Power it seems it has always been ET influenced and wars have mostly been activated over greed for their gadgets and technology that deliver wealth and power.

It is another story of what treasures lie under ancient sites.Tech and science that is unbelievable to us.This has always been known and the  key target for plunder and power.