Mk Ultra Killing Government Assasinations.

The killings as outlined below are Government assasinations and we is now familiar with some of the ways MK Ultra mind contol is used to establish a patsy,whilst at the same time ensuring,by other means or persons, the definative kill zone.This can clearly be seen in two of the Kennedy killings and others,where another pulled the trigger other than the patsy.They ndont care,because after having used the patsy they terminate them.This is Chapmans fate.But a good legal team could free all these patsy,becausae the governnment cannot afford to leave a trail of information,this includes information of the patsy,s involvenment.They are stiched up but not perefectly.You will always find that there is not enough information to convict,by definition otherwise it would convict them too.

,,,,,,,,,,,refer to Chapman case in the post below.

Chapman Killing Revisited

The case against Chapman is hearsay,it is not information based or conclusive,(for the killing of John Lennon).A picture has been painted to suggest it was an MK Mind control job, with Chapman pulling the trigger.But nothing can be aasumed without actual forensic information,due to the high profile and interferances from other sources.
The information available around the case is as follows.
Chapman visted New York and returned to Hawaii 3 times in the months prior to the killing,a round trip of 10,000- miles each time,(Internal flights).He booked into the Sheridan Hotel,New York, a month before the killing,an expensive Hotel.He had resettled in Haweii previously without andy job or money and was commited to a mental health unit for attempted suicide.He was released.He lived in a nice apartment,yet all this time he had no job.It could be said he was financed.The night before the killing he booked into a cheap Hostel,ordered a prostitute,paid double.He was previously a prolific drug user.He was a competant musician and recorded an album or two.He was plugged in and wired up to the drug scene,the hippy music scene and scored off same or similar people to Lennon and Yoko whilst he was in new York.
The doorman of The Dakota Hotel,previously headed a CIA assination team and all record of him working there was erased and surfaced several years later.He has dissappeard.Forensics identified 11 shots at the scene.Chapman had a gun which was not thought to have worked properly,Having never used it he himself said he was not certain that when he pulled the trigger it would work.Neither did he know if he was using correct ammunition.It held 5 bullets.He was on familiar terms with Hose,the doorman and held conversations with him prior to the shooting and also afterwards.This relationship is not explained.Also familiar with one of the police chiefs who was involved with his arrest.
Yoko Ono called off the body guards that night saying they were not neccessary.She also had been held in a mental health unit in Tokyo before meeting Lennon.She was bought out by a wealthy friend or previous partner.Therefore MKUltra material herslf,also.Additionally she inherited the entirety of his fortune.
There is definately enough information to accuse MI6/CIA involvement,but not enough to convict Chapamn of the killing.Definately not as a lone patsy.

You Are What You See

You are what you see.
For instance once you see that 2 times 2 = 4 it can never be erased.You are no longer allowed to believe it equals 3 or 5.This is the same in our life exeperiences once you have seen something through you exeperince you are no longer allowed to disobey it.Eating the apple in the garden of eden may be like this.
Therefore we can see that educatiion can but us in a prison not only in sciences but lifes education or religious education also.
Ignorance is bliss many people say.
Knowing a little does not give you much of a foothold on the true natuer of realty.It can be an obsticle and a mistake to think you anywhere near know everything.But this is what humanity does, it pertains to know everyhthing once it has had its formal eduaction.
As we know know faslifaictions have been put into our education and texts books as well, by inteligent design.
But it is easy to see the stranglehold of the prison educated are in and there is a need to erase all of their knowledge,even information that they can see.
It is fatal,it is a death.
All knowledge is "spaces and times" and drugs can erase or transmute your spaces back to how they are meant to be.Cannabis for instance.But,once again,there is a price for this,because still, what you see is what you are.

Puller of The Strings

I dont mind commenting on that Eric.If referring rto this in general terms and not personal terms.
No is my answer, absolutely not.I agree 100% .But look at the market place and capitalism in general.It has grown up out of putting a price on a load of rubbish and enforcing with its armies payment for its rubbish and trinkets in full from those less striong to defend themselves than us.The whole world economy is rigged to the non existant federal reserve dollar, (goods and services exchange for wealth and minerals from the poor world nations).We have been privaledged to have a better upbringing and can afford high values,as you mention, but only becaue our govenment and leaders rape and pillage and kill for its children.#
So, the answere is yes but, with some reservations, because it is dependant on a relationship with powers outside our control.
It touches on the good and evil and that money is the root oif evil,, also survival instinct itself ,food and shelter politics ,,human rights politics,,You cannot dictate that human nature is to be good or evil.You cannot make a law against good or evil.It has to be, but within the boundaries of human nature.
ideally one should be paid fro working to the tune of the toollsrequired and the resourses of his country such as land and food housing and and famillies etc.But the problem is, in politics with goverments and powers is that it is not possible to force the truth onto the people by force .It has to be volantary.
The real values of right and wrong are not possible to enforce.#
We live in an artificilal enviroment.Therefore governemt is not possible.
The root forces concerned are money,(food,shelter,tools,land)and sex,(reproduction famillies).
The normal understnding is that we are rthe truth when we setep outbinto the world and ot is oujr goid given right, but it is not.The world we know isnot going to accomadate our point of view,natuer is not going to agree with us.It will destroy and kill us.
mankind has clubbed togetrher to out wit natures forces an defend ahggaingst it in communities and dwe may feeo securtevfor a while, but it has to come on top sometimes .We are out bof bvalance with our ecology and with nature ,good and evil.Light an dark forces are a natuer fact.We cannot outwit them.We are at the merfcy of the forces of naturr and that includes human nature..Som ewould say its a jungle an dthe survival of the fitrest, but I do not aggree with that either, but inteligence is needed.Nature inteligence.
In a sense this a learning process, as said in genesis..
To take it furtrher I dont believe there is a secular solution,(as said),but I do believ natguert provides a soilution by virtue of personal in teligence to the indevidual through experience..A bit like the theory of Karma of the Budhists., inteligence gives , ignorance takes away,,In tha those that those who get it wrong loose what they already have, whilst thiose that dont win that whicch they already have..
You cannot govern to deliver that everyone will be a winner, because they are going to be a looser.,but you can govern on a voluntary basis.Win if you want to.

People cannot kill each other ,People only reincarnate, so there is no escape or solution delivered by a secular arguement or government that enforces anything..This is true at both levels, personal or government.Governemnnt cannot work.Neither can pesronal survival.
You got to find out who is controlling the game, who is the puller of the strings,,

New Government Guidlines On Social Benefits

The New Govenrment Guidlines on Social Benefits !

Examples of prices on the dark Web are:
£20 notes;
£20,000: cost £4,000.

Credit cards and details approx 1-5 ratios of value again.
Paypal account of £7,500 cost £900.

Accounts such as spotify or any other monthly subscription account costs about £2.00 one off payment.
Guns etc.unknown, (not interested either).
Contarct killings ( £10,000+).(variable).
Hackers to get into bank accounts etc variable by arrangement.( deposit money nto your own account or take it out)/
Credit or loans and debts.Hackers can deal with is quite cheaply.
Drugs of course, I think good deals but not super cheap.

I havent noticed a great deal of hardware such as cars, electornics ,computers.,phones
Passports driving licences,birth certificates,visas exam results, university degree etc, most ID and paper work, quite cheap/

how much of this is inteligent design , I am not sure ,, but I think some of the reasonning is that if you are digitally literate enough to do all this ,,you must be one of them.

of course there are a lot of perfectly legitamate uses for the dark web for encrypting information and data and communications.
Also, I am told that 95% of the entire internet traffic goes by the dark web, not the regular microsoft windows etc.

I am not a believer in all this,,be it known.But it is the way of the world and the smart grid.
No-one has ever been too keen on the ways of the world.It doesnt ever get any better.,and neither because it has more science and technology.make it any better.

Another point to not is technology is so advanced that you are not likely to get away with much that is not already inteligently pre designed,
Such as guns are ALL monitored by police detection and ALL inserted into the market place inteligently.
ANY gun killing is a police killing..

The point to notice about money, is that they need to keep the system going as much as you do, and they cannot afford to do so, as we are selves cannot do.

It stares you in the face you can get £4 or £5 back from the £1 you have in your pocket,quadruple your salary or benefit allowance.,( if you are one of "them".).
It is the new social benefit system to screen out those that are mentally unfit.

The Third Ear and Eye.Frequencies.

It has come to light that mind closing practices have been deliberately implemented on society for many years.To close the 2eye" and also it seems "the ear".The tuneing and frequency standards in the music world have been controlled since the 1940,s with the standard A 440 hz frequency.This is contested by conspiracy theoreist to be a deliberate attemoptb to forbid the cooerct frequency of 332Hz whiuch opens the ear.Healing frequencies such as 528Hz they say have been hidden or outlawed.It is very convincing when you see the effects of the coreect frequencies being demonstrated.
initially I thought this sa littel trivial, but have now become convinced taht thsi sis by inteligent design to close the ear or eye.To reduce is known tha all sorts of methods have been employed to do this.In our water supply flourides and chemicals have been added for many years to calcify the pineal gland.This gland is then centre of the third eye.Additives to toothpase also do this.Therreasons a for this, other to blind the public from the true naturer of affairs is financial as well,as profits are made out of these proceedures.

This YouTube video Link gives a convincing arguement re the correct tuning frequencies in the musical scales:

The Subculture Psychadelic High Ground

The sixties cultural explosion was a mix of ingredients coming together at the same,not least to say ignited by drugs.Technolgy,music, literature and the arts came together on the fertile ground of university campuses.The high priests themselves were the likes of Harvard psycology professors,Timothy Leary and R.D.Laing.("The Politics of Ecstasy" and "The Center of the Cyclone").
The key being exploration of subconcious mind.Self study,openning doors,the psychadelic experience.Drugs and music.
Really most people didnt know what had happenned.It came and went without leaving any survivors to tell the tale.It took its followers over the cliff.But the truth is that it was a discovery and confirmation of inner space.
We are now in a position to and back and take a look,without getting blinded.
Inner space exploration was enabled by machine technology in conjunction with the Arts,(music),(and drugs).
The updated present situation remains almost the same,the exploration of inner space by assistance of the machine technology and arts and science.(If not drugs also).What is difficult for the remnants of that epoch to understand is that all sciences lead inward to open the inner eye and the inner ear,not just music and a stereo player.
The doors now can be opened in a way that is expanded much more powerful to include just about any conceivable path.
A multi-religion.Perhaps a multi-cult or both.
Inner space and the doors thereof.The mind,in its conscious and its unconscious.
The lesson of drug abuse should have been learnt by now in that it leave no survivors.
The lesson of its temporariness also,in that return into worldy existance is neccessary.

Prison Visits

In 1979 I was detained in Top Security.Things started to change pretty soon after I got there.I was isolated and cut off inteligently as were the rest of the inmates.I am referring to contact with the outside world.Firstly prison vists were curtailed to make conatct impsossible.This was done by a program targetting relatives of those detained.They were silenced, and disabled,so that when visits do arrive they were void of any meaning or in formation exchange.They were basically sectioned and put on control orders and threats, if not bribes and hush money, misinformation etc.As far as legal representaiion goes,they were only allowed access to legal aid firms who insisted they were consistant with any prosecution material before they were represented.Challenging diagnosis,s were impossible as well.Letters and later phone calls censored and fairly soon id applications were necessary for gain entry for visits,few familly members etc.meeaningless visits and contacts.It was not possible to access defence tools nor defence material.As far as writing materials go,biros paper and pens etc,these were possible to buy,but they were in a state of shock and targeted so as to disable any literacy.ALL were heavilly discreditd by diagniosis so as to descredit their information.Any challenge toa concviction,claims of not guiolty ect were heavilly penalized.It bacame know tha no possibility of release existed in challenges the verdicts that sentanced them.It was known that you would have to be released before any challenges could get into court.Depostion prosecution material from their original court decisions and diagnosius wer learent by wrote by succedding intake of professionals who were simply concerned with paying their mortgage etc.including psychaiiatric reports.They were screened before they got there anyway,if not bribed.
This is very much the case today,(you could guess it is very much worse).Cosmetric changes occured iuncludiuong teh1983 mental healrth act.These appeared on thee surface to improve the situation,but it did not.What it did i my day was modernize some of the buildings at great expense with an totally unsuitable .Moreb or loess aerm cahirs and sofdas in the middel of a convicts aerea instead of spirt and sawdust,, which became tatterred within a few months with filth shit and gime, uncelable to this day 30 years later.A pit for bactreria an virus investation instaed of antisceptic and carbolic soap.You get the idea.a totally ridiculous effort to clean up the governments image on human rights.
It got progressively worse,more inhuman from this time onwards.It was the usual cover up job.
I was shown home office statistics published by the governemnet that showed 1% of these detanees would succeed top be released and of those half would be readmitted after a year.This was over a 20 year or more period (Lifelong statistics)ever be in about 1990.
I myself having busted out since about 2015 only, have never come accross any other to have done so,even though I have been at the centre of informtion traffic on this subject for 45 years.I began using defence tools only in 2006-2007,(from the original time,1979).

The Immigration Racket

As outlined in the posts below, a birth certificate bond has a value of £500,000 plus its insurance value.
The immigration racket exist because of this.The world bank can cash in on these bonds if the immigrants move into then area such as the UK the bonds move with them.Thus the valuation on intake and even disappearance of these immigrants becomes desirable.Natutral diusters also give a great profit to the corporation and in respect b to this the climate catastrophes in USA are more than coincidence, with the hurricanes,flooding and deaths that accompagny them.The corporation,(world bank),cannot claim insurance for murder victims and engineers death in otherways

Representive Samples

.The people within detainment and prisons are not in fact guilty as is assumed by the public,that is not the reason for detainment.They are representaive be examples from all walks of life which serve as a power base structure fro which the govenmment aquires Power.They are usually choosen years befor going to prison,(somtimes from birth)and when they time comes they are manipualted for the neccassary convictions.The forensic and mental profiles of these detainess give the same "diagnosis"accross the board to the outside community and thus enable tyem to be imprisoned by then self same paperwork,not within the prisons but outside in their homes.Thef9re the entire community is imprisoned by the governmemt without being aware of it.They have been convicted of the same crimes as those in prison because they have identical psycholgical make up.Above the law, mosat definatiely, many say seriously and dangerously criminal but who qulifies them to be above the law? In truth ,they do not qualify.